Put Your Memorial before God this Memorial Weekend Service

Do not miss the opportunity to be with us in person or online at this year’s annual Memorial Prayer & Worship Service. This special spirit-filled event is your chance to have an intimate experience with God.

“Your prayers and your alms have ascended as a memorial before God. -Acts 10:4

Strengthen your faith and let the spirit of the Lord work within you to overcome life’s challenges. Be a part of this conference and experience God’s power and glory as we witness His miracles and spread His Word.

Choose Your Conference Location

If you live in the Atlanta area, join Apostle and the team in person to experience the overflow of God in your life. Take advantage of this opportunity to get spiritual direction in your life. Join other believers in Atlanta by saving your spot now.

Special Ministry Class  (Atlanta only)

In addition to a whole 2-day immersive and spirit-filled event at the Impact Center, Apostle and his team will be hosting an extra and special ministry class for Atlanta only! This unique ministry class event is heavily discounted and curated especially for you to learn more about mobilizing and caring for God’s people.

Some of the areas the class will focus on include:

  1. How to grow your ministry supernaturally in prayer
  2. How to effectively pray for your leader
  3. How to create a supernatural atmosphere in miracles, signs and wonders

Time- 4 – 5 PM EST 


Whether you are looking to strengthen your relationship with God, seeking answers to life’s challenges, or simply seeking to connect with like-minded individuals, the Memorial Prayer Breakthrough Experience happening at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit will be the perfect place for you if you live around Detroit.

We wholeheartedly greet you and your loved ones at the highly anticipated conference at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit. 


If you live around Tennessee and you need to encounter and experience breakthroughs in every area of your life? Spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally? Then make it a point to join us at the Destiny Center Murfreesboro in Tennessee.

Please make a note on your calendar to attend this transformative event. Additionally, if you know anyone who could benefit from this experience, please share the invitation with them. We are eagerly anticipating the positive impact that God will have on your life.


Admission is Free


Meet Hosts and Special Guests

As faith leaders and community advocates in the Detroit- Michigan area for over 30 years, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife, Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, have served the African-American community and inner-city. They have seen the hardships families face, from education, food, safety, housing, finances, and overall necessities of life. As pastors, they’ve realized that these disparities reached beyond Detroit and echoed in other neighborhoods and cities across the US. Through Divine inspiration, this husband and wife team felt a call to do something about it, not just for their local community but for the community.

In 2010, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and his wife, Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson, answered that call by starting a television network that would spread positivity and uplift the urban sector in ways that hadn’t existed by impacting the total well-being of viewers. The Impact Network started in about 200,000 homes and has grown to over 80 Million. Impact’s goal is to reach beyond broadcasting and use its influence to invest further in building individual and collective lives.

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Prophetess Cycelia Denise Matthews is happily married to Bishop RJ Matthews, and they are blessed with three children, Robert C. Matthews III, Micah Jeremiah Matthews, and Faith Zamir Matthews.  Prophetess is a faithful member of The Harvest Church in Houston, TX, where she serves as Director of Women’s Ministry. 

She founded the Proverbs 31:31 Fellowship, a ministry dedicated to strengthening, empowering, & promoting Pastors’ Wives to excel in their marriages, churches, & communities. 

Characterized by passionate worship and an intense desire to please her Heavenly Father, Prophetess Matthews delivers a prophetic, powerful, and life-altering Word to hearers of all ages. Her passionate desire is to lead those with wounded spirits to a life-changing experience at the feet of JESUS.


Prophet Fred is a humble and dynamic gift to the body of Christ with a commission to see individuals prosper through the power of the prophetic ministry. Having a strong foundation of fasting, prayer, and an extensive knowledge of God’s word, Prophet Fred operates with great accuracy in the word of knowledge, word of wisdom, dream interpretation, and the gift of prophecy. Walking in obedience for over 23 years, serving under the spiritual leadership, and imparted into through the school of the prophets, Prophet Fred is confirmed through a history of adherence to a protocol and a life of serving god and commitment to his calling to the office of the prophet.

Prophet Fred loves to feed and pray for the poor and is the founder of Prosper through Prophecy Ministries and the founder of the Prosper Center. Prophet Fred also hosts prophetic conferences throughout the country and has been used to speak prophetically into the lives of thousands. Signs, wonders, healings, and many supernatural manifestations follow this mighty prophetic voice.

Most of all, Prophet Fred is an Advent family man. He is the son of mother young, brother to Octavia, husband of Lady Dominique, and father of six beautiful children who love him dearly. Prophet Fred is a man who loves God, his family, and the people of god.

An economist turned financial powerhouse, Jewel Tankard, is taking the world by storm. She has grossed over $5 million as a serial network marketer and empowered over 250,000 people in her robust organizations. She has a global reputation for creating multiple six- to seven-figure earners with her success strategies.

Jewel was committed to helping women create wealth and created The Millionairess Club with over four hundred members across ten countries. The club empowers women to trust their financial gut, improves their confidence, gives them cash creation and wealth-growing strategies, and introduces them to modern investment tools.

Known as the matriarch of Bravo’s hit reality show Thicker Than Water: The Tankards, and a current star of Fox Soul’s Chatter, Jewel is a superstar in the business and entertainment industries. The wife of gospel jazz legend Ben Tankard, Jewel co-pastors The Destiny Center in Murfreesboro, TN, and has five children.

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Like most Proverbs 31 women, Tekoa Pouerie wears many hats. Ordained in the Ministry at the ripe age of 16, Tekoa preached her first sermon at 12 years old and served under the tutelage of Dr. Geneva Boyd. Since then, she has been committed to exemplifying Christ in Ministry and the Marketplace. Tekoa is a nationally recognized Implicit/Explicit Bias subject matter expert, Non-Profit Executive, Pastor, Author, and Media Correspondent.

Feeling an even greater call to help equip people spiritually to go further faster, five years ago, Tekoa and her husband, Dio Pouerie, launched Acceleration Church in Orlando, FL. Tekoa hosts Ladies’ Night OUT each year, attracting hundreds of women for fun, fellowship, fashion, and faith. Of all these “hats,” Tekoa’s proudest role is Motherhood. Losing her parents while in her teens, Tekoa is committed to making her family her first Ministry. Dio and Tekoa are rearing two beautiful future world leaders: Maximus and Bella.

Bishop RJ Matthews is a deep voice on the earth. He is a husband, a father, a pastor, an avid entrepreneur, and a leader who strives to provoke and accelerate the empowerment of all people. 

He graduated from World Harvest Bible College under Pastor Rod Parsley, where he studied advanced Pastoral Leadership. While in Bible College, he founded U-Turn Youth Ministries and has since impacted thousands of young people. He served as youth pastor from December 2005 until September 2007 at Harvest Time Church in Houston, TX, under the leadership of Bishop Shelton Bady.

In October 2007, Bishop Matthews returned to his hometown and served as interim pastor at Kingdom Vision International Church, where he grew up in the ministry. Following the Retirement of Bishop Shelton Bady in January 2021, Bishop Matthews has since assumed the Lead Pastor role at The Harvest (formerly Harvest Time Church) in Houston, TX. While continuing to serve as the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Vision International Church in Columbus, MS., He also serves as the CEO and Director of The Revive Nation Fellowship with a vision to provide spiritual covering to pastors and ministries worldwide.

Bishop RJ continues to grow in ministry and is devoted to a lifestyle that pleases God. He is a man full of purpose and passion determined to change lives, transform cities, and harvest nations.

Damita Haddon Chandler has been on the gospel recording scene for over a decade. Although many know her from her Stellar Award-winning work with the Voices of Unity and from singing with her former husband, Deitrick Haddon, she is a force to be reckoned with and highly respected in the gospel.

Damita got her break as a professional artist when she and her sister got invited to sing at the president of TM Records’ birthday party.  Immediately after they sang, they were asked if they were interested in signing a deal and recording on his label, and within a couple of months, they were in the studio. Their first release was Time Is Running Out (1992).  Damita pursued a solo career and released her self-titled debut in 2000 and No Looking Back in 2008. Today, Damita Chandler is happily married, working on new singles with Christopher Starr, and released a new reality show, The Gospel Truth, starring her and her husband.