Welcome to your Journey of Prayer with me, Wayne T. Jackson. I have sent an invitation for you to join me over the next few weeks for a special time in prayer.

This Journey of Prayer will  teach you the different types and laws of prayer that would turn your life around. The first teaching in the Journey of Prayer is the Prayer of Thanksgiving.

The prayer of thanksgiving can work miracles in your life. There are many stories throughout the Bible where we see the powerful prayer of thanksgiving

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do before anything else is to give thanks to the Father. Thanksgiving is important because it also brings us into the future.

According to your faith, I’m instructing you to release an Age Seed to represent your life and the life of loved ones that you are praying for.


  • Start your day with the prayer of thanksgiving. When you begin to thank God for your husband, your wife, your job, your family—something supernatural takes place.
  • Sow into what you’ve heard. When you put your faith and action together, there is a supernatural connection that happens. When you don’t act, it leaves things dormant. Only when you move and when you obey, then you will begin to see a supernatural act happen in your life.
  • Respond to my email with your testimony

Continue to follow this prayer journey with me to learn how to operate in the laws of prayer.

Complete form to send me Names, Relationship and Age for you and your loved ones. The Age Seed will be a sign of contact for that person you are praying this specific prayer for.

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  • Total ALL the ages of the names listed and sow the TOTAL AGE seed amount to represent ALL the names above
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