Thank you for continuing your Journey of Prayer with me.

Today’s teaching in the Journey of Prayer is the Prayer of Petition. The word “petition” means “to make a request”. When we come to God in petition, we are asking Him to do something for ourselves or for others.


Do you need God to do something special for you?

Prayer is the vehicle that takes us into the journey of the supernatural. Prayer takes us out of the natural, and into the supernatural.

  • Every day, after you get through with your Prayer of Thanksgiving, go into a petition asking God and thanking God by faith that it’s already done!
  • Don’t look at your Journey of Prayer as some religious order. It is not a religious order. It is you coming to YOUR Father.

God is our Father, as Jesus said. Everyday in petition, go before Him and tell Him what you want. Tell Him by faith and make things happen through your prayer life.

  • Sow into what you’ve heard. When you put your faith and action together, there is a supernatural connection that happens. When you don’t act, it leaves things dormant. Only when you move and when you obey, then you will begin to see a supernatural act happen in your life.  Sow for family and friends. Intercede on their behalf.

Continue to follow me in this prayer journey as I bring forth more teachings on the different types of prayer.

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